Our School Council is made up of two children from Classes 1-6. The children were elected by their peers in their classes.

Our School Council 2023-2024:

Year 1: Jacob, Evie and Evelynn (due to a tie)

Year 2: Simon and Esmerelda

Year 3: Darcy and Joseph R

Year 4: Lyla and Sam C

Year 5: Sofia and Jameson

Year 6: Katie and Finn

Who We Are

Our School Council is made up of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

What We Do

Each year, every class will elect 2 representatives (a boy and a girl) to be members of the School Council.

We are a good School Council because we listen to and represent the views of our class and we get things done. We learn how to present an argument and bring about change to improve the school.

  • We have regular meetings
  • We regularly report back to our class and collect their and suggestions

Make A Difference

We don’t just talk, we get things done.

  • We think of others and run successful fundraising campaigns for charities including: Children in Need, Reach and Compton Care.
  • We have brought back the Kindness Award – to recognise amazing acts of kindness shown in school.
  • We are helping to implement more toys and activities on the playground at lunchtime and break time.
  • Implementing a lunchtime art / drawing club.

Plus lots of other ideas which are in the pipeline…watch this space!