Year 3 Autumn 1 Term 2023


Dear Year 3 Parents and Children,

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely summer. We are very

eager to begin our learning journey together and we hope the children are looking forward to Year 3.


Year 3 can be a challenging year as the children move from Infants to Juniors but it is also a year in which the children will develop both their independent and

collaborative learning skills. There is a wide and varied range of topics and activities that will hopefully excite and engage the children.

Here is some information to get you started in Year 3.


Reading in Year 3:

  • One hour a week dedicated to Whole Class Guided reading (WCGR). In this lesson they will be taught specific reading skills using our class text as the main reading focus.
  • Alongside this your child will also read to their class teacher on a 121 basis at least once a week.
  • Children who require more support with reading will be given daily, targeted support.
  • Children will be given a banded, colour coded book that is matched to their current reading level to bring home. Please ensure your child reads this regularly.
  • When writing in reading diaries, please use the table in the front to help to make purposeful comments on how your child has read.
  • If your child has a specific book from home that they would like to read, they can read it and bring it into school, but must also read the book sent home by their teacher.
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants will look at reading diaries on a regular basis.
  • Children will also receive a daily story time with their teacher at the end of each day.


Your child will receive spellings and maths homework every Friday and this must be completed and handed in by the following Friday, at the latest. The children will need to learn their spellings each and week write a sentence using each word to demonstrate an understanding of the word. Maths homework will either be online, (e.g. Purple Mash) or written worksheets. If the homework is too difficult and your child is really struggling do not worry and please let me know.

Spellings and Times tables’ tests will take place every Friday morning.


English: Our first whole class reading book class book is ‘The Story of Tutankhamun’ by Patricia Cleveland-Peck which details the life and death of King Tut and the discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter.

Maths: Our maths focus for this term will include; place value and number representation, addition and subtraction up to 3-digit numbers and multiplying and dividing especially using our 2, 3, 4- and 8-times tables.

RE: Our first unit is ‘Belonging – We gather as God’s family’ This unit involves the children exploring the different groups to which they belong. They will study the sacrament of Baptism as a Sacrament of Belonging to the church. They will also learn how Catholics celebrate this belonging through Mass.

Then it is ‘Reconciliation’. This unit involves the children exploring human choices, the consequences of sin, Christ’s teaching on forgiveness and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The children will study various parables and how these demonstrate Christ’s forgiveness and how they relate to the children’s own lives. (Those children who have signed up for their ‘Passports to Faith’ and who will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be given the dates as soon as we know).

Science: During this term, we will be learning about skeletons, movement, nutrition and diet, rocks and the issue of sustainability in particular food wastage.


PE: PE will be every Tuesday with swimming starting on Wednesday 13th until half term. Children are asked to come into school wearing the correct PE kit (blue shorts or navy-blue tracksuit bottoms with white school PE t-shirt with school jumper or navy-blue tracksuit top and trainers.

History and Art:  Our topics for both these subjects are Ancient Egypt (which also links to our whole class reader). In History the class will learn about what life was like in ancient Egypt, their gods and goddesses as well as the mummification process. In Art they will be making papyrus paper, as well as designing and creating their own Ancient Egyptian scrolls.

Music: Lessons will take place on Wednesdays. Children will learn to play the violin and will eventually be allowed to bring their violins home to practise …you have been warned!

PSHE: During this term we will be learning about ‘Staying Safe’, whether online or in our local environment and also ‘Relationships’ with friends, family and God.

Computing: During this term we will be learning about coding, online safety and how to use and create spreadsheets.


If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via email.


Kind regards

Mr Kearney and Mrs Blazey

([email protected])


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