Year 4 Summer Term 2024 Newsletter

Dear Year 4 Parents and Children,

Welcome back to the final term in Y4! I hope you have all had an enjoyable Easter break.

Curriculum Topics:

English: ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’ by Elizabeth Laird.
‘This was my chance. I slipped under the chain and bolted down the deserted street, running into no man’s land as fast as my flip-flops would let me.’
In the war-torn streets of Beirut, a girl risks her own life to save another…

Ayesha lives in a battle-scarred building with her granny. Outside, a war is ripping the city apart – but Ayesha doesn’t even know why the two sides are fighting.
Life gets even scarier when granny’s medicine runs out. So, Ayesha takes matters into her own hands – and in her search for a doctor makes the forbidden journey across no man’s land…




GPS (Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling)

This term we will be looking at:

  • Fronted Adverbials,
  • Expanded noun phrases,
  • Short sentences for effect,
  • Conjunctions to express time and cause,
  • Suffixes,
  • Verb inflections

Spellings: New spellings will be issued every Friday morning and children will be tested the following Friday. Spellings will be added to the class page weekly.


Reading: The importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. Reading for pleasure can benefit a child’s education, social and cognitive development, their wellbeing, and their mental health. Please listen to your child read and enjoy books with them, as we want to encourage a love of reading. We expect them to be reading each day (minimum 30 minutes) and to record it in their reading diary. Home reading books and reading diaries MUST be brought into school every morning for checking.


This term, we will be focusing on:

  • Tenths as fractions,
  • Tenths as decimals,
  • Dividing 1 and 2-digit numbers by 10,
  • Hundredths as a fraction,
  • Hundredths as a decimal,
  • Dividing 1 and 2-digit numbers by 100,
  • Converting between pounds and pence,
  • Comparing amounts of money,
  • Estimate and calculate with money,
  • Years, months, weeks and days,
  • Hours, minutes and seconds,
  • Converting between analogue and digital times,


Unit 4I: Easter


We will finish our learning about the Riotous Royals and then we will move onto Geography:

Our Geography learning this half term is based on ‘All Around the World’. Through this learning, the children

  • explain the significance and position of the Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere,
  • use maps to identify lines of longitude and latitude,
  • locate places on a map using lines of longitude and latitude,
  • describe the key features of the polar regions and compare them to the UK,
  • compare the climate of the tropics with that of the UK,
  • explain the position and significance of the Prime Meridian,
  • explain the position and significance of time zones.


  • There is a change to our PE this term. Children will have their PE lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Wednesdays will be with Mrs Ashworth.
  • Thursdays will be with Donna.



We will continue with our learning about
Electricity and then we will move onto our new topic.

We will be learning about Collecting Data and Habitats. Click on this link to take you to our White Rose Science page – Data Collection/Habitats



We will complete our learning and making our slingshot cars and then we will move onto our new learning:

Click on this link to our Kapow Art and Design page – Sculpture and 3D: Mega Materials


This term we will be learning about ways to Keep Healthy.


Click here to take you to our PurpleMash learning page – Unit 4.5 Logo


Children will be expected to read every day, learn their weekly spellings and complete ALL homework tasks set. This will be either a paper copy of homework or set as online learning through PurpleMash.

Please can you provide support by ensuring that children have a quiet time put aside for their homework, and an opportunity to share their learning with you. If children are finding any piece of homework too difficult or they are taking more than 45 minutes to complete it, please do not persist. Simply email/call me and let me know:

[email protected]

[email protected]

TA support will continue to be Mrs Bright Mondays – Thursdays.

On a final note – please DON’T WORRY!  As long as the children try their best – that is all I can ask for!

God bless,

Mrs Moody, Mr Southall and Mrs Bright.